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Week1 Results

2015 Fantasy Football Week 1

2015 Fantasy Football Week 1:  Deflated Balls vs DEEZ NUTS Week 1’s matchup is a rivalry matchup between me (Deflated Balls) and one of my best friends, Braden (DEEZ NUTS). Braden started the following players: Carson Palmer – 33.95 points out of projected 23.67 Not too Bad.  I always thought Carson Palmer was one of those QB’s that just needed a… Read more →

2015 Fantasy Football Draft

2015 Fantasy Football Draft

Ahhhhh….  My favorite time of year.  Football is upon us! After a miserable year in Fantasy Football last year, I’m hoping this year goes a bit better.  I want to be a bit more focused.  This year, there’s a bit of money on the line, and a trophy.  I’m hoping doing a bit of blogging will help me organize my… Read more →