Tyler was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa where he currently resides with his wife Amanda, a cat - Bam, and two sons - Elijah and Benjamin. He is employed as a network administrator with First Security State Bank and enjoys technology and computers. Amanda is a student in at the University of Northern Iowa and is studying to be a teacher. She is also active in the Iowa Army National Guard. She is a 92A, which is a supply specialist.

Jasager - Something cool to play with.

Jasager – Something cool to play with.

Got some money burning a hole in your pocket?  I found out about this project from a podcast I watch weekly called Hak5, and it isn’t that expensive to tinker around with.  Robin Wood, also known as DigiNinja has been working on online gaming these little fonera routers and putting a modified version of Open-WRT firmware on them.  He’s modified… Read more →