2015 Fantasy Football Week 4

2015 Fantasy Football Week 4:  Deflated Balls vs SUH-icide Squad

This one stung a little bit.  Only 4 of my players met their projections.  Minor setback, but it bumps me back to 5th place.  Granted, I did have a few byes this week, but I’m not one for excuses.  Time to analyze and move on to week 5.


“Thaddeus” started the following players:

  • Cam Newton – Missed his mark by about 4 points, but not horrible.
  • Randall Cobb – Under performed.  No touchdowns.
  • John Brown – Did really well despite not finding the endzone.
  • Adrian Peterson – Best running back in the league.  Of course he beat his projection.  Too bad he couldn’t beat the Broncos.  That touchdown run up the middle was awesome.
  • Arian Foster – I was sold on this scrub at one time about 2 years ago.  I still have no idea why his fantasy stock is so high.
  • Eric Ebron – No Gronk and his points showed it!  Hahaha!
  • Chris Ivory – I have no idea who this guy is or where he came from.  Went HAM against Miami.  Probably what ended up beating me.
  • Defense and special teams – Robbie Gould did well.  Josh Norman also did damage to me this week.

I started the following players:

  • Aaron Rodgers – How could he only throw 1 TD pass?  C’mon son!
  • T.Y Hilton – You did okay.  You cause me grief every week because I don’t know which Colts WR I should start.  This week, Moncrief beat Hilton by 7/10’s of a point.  Somebody step up over there!
  • Eric Decker – This was a pleasant surprise.  Good week for Eric Decker.
  • Jamaal Charles – Decent performance despite not finding the endzone.
  • Joseph Randle – This RB by committee is killing me.  Benched in the second half for fumbling.  Take care of the football!
  • Jason Witten – Almost met his projections.  I bet he can’t wait for Romo to be back.
  • Danny Woodhead – My man does good some weeks and bad the others.  This week was good, but find the endzone!
  • Defense and Special Teams – Besides Hauschka, everybody had a bad week.

Overall Thoughts

Kind of disappointing after coming off a huge week.  Most of my players under performed and I got beat because of it.  This is the part of the year where we see some craziness with byes and stuff.  I think this was going to be my toughest week due to byes.  Looking at my roster, I have no regrets.  I played my players to the best of my abilities and still got beat.  That happens sometimes (just like my Vikings this week).  Just need to move on.

Game recap here.

Other thoughts around the league

Week 4 Results

Amanda slides up to 2nd place.  Good for her.  I’m back down to 5th, which I’m okay with.  Well, off to prepare for week 5.  Rivalry week at the Coan house.

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