2015 Fantasy Football Week 3

2015 Fantasy Football Week 3:  Deflated Balls vs **Roddys endJones**

Boom!  Down goes the first ranked team in the league.  Week 2’s matchup is between me (Deflated Balls) and my friend, Chris.

Week 3 Matchup

Chris Started the following players:

  • Matt Ryan – Solid performance against Dallas.  2 TD’s, 285 passing yards, 24 completions.  One of two homer picks for Chris being a Falcon’s fan.
  • Julio Jones – Again, solid performance.  Arguably one of the best QB/WR matchups in the league.  2 TD, 164 yards.
  • Jarvis Landry – A little below projection, but Buffalo is looking decent this year.  Also, no TD for him this week.
  • Jeremy Hill – Way below projection.  Looks like Cincinnati is punishing him for a few fumbles.
  • Lamar Miller – Another dolphin on Chris’ team.  I’m not quite sure why he’s a few points short besides not finding the endzone.
  • Delanie Walker – Consistent for a tight end.  If you don’t get Gronk, that’s all you can hope for at this position.
  • Alfred Morris – 19 yards?  Looks like Matt Jones is RB1 and Morris is RB2.
  • Defense and Special Teams – Just under performed.

I started the following players:

  • Aaron Rodgers – 5 TD passes.  This is why he’s my QB.
  • Julian Edelman – Solid performance despite not finding the endzone.
  • Donte Moncrief – Not sure who to start between Moncrief and Hilton next week.  Hilton had more yards, but Moncrief had the TD.  What’s going on over there in Indy?
  • Jamaal Charles – 3 Rushing TDs.
  • Joseph Randle – Killed it in the first half.  I thought I was going to get 60 points with him.  LOL.
  • Jason Witten – Under performed a little bit, but I’m not concerned.  I was hoping he’d see more action with Romo out, but that’s not the case.
  • Danny Woodhead – Under performed and didn’t play much at all.  He may be seeing my bench in Week 4.
  • Defense and Special Teams – Consistent this week.  Indianapolis stepped up this week.  CJ Mosley had a fumble return for a TD which helped out a lot.  Jamie Collins had a decent game.

Overall Thoughts

Solid week for me.  Holy cow, with a few tweaks, I could have broken 200 like Sean did this week.  Looks like Chris’ biggest problems were at running back.  Replacing Jeremy Hill or Alfred Morris with Rashad Jennings would have helped him out a little bit more.  Even then, they weren’t finding the endzone.  Looking at my bench, Sproles put up big numbers as did LeGarrette Blount.  I’ll have to keep tabs on the RB situation in both New England and Philly and see if I should start these two in week four.

Game recap here.

Other thoughts around the league

Week 3 Results

This weeks win puts me where I should be at…first place.  Better than that, by beating last year’s champ, I knocked him back to third place and Sean is second.  I have the highest scoring team this year so far.  Mandy’s hanging in there at 5th.  Braden and the rest of the league better get their crap together soon if they want to make playoffs.

Well, things should start getting interesting with bye weeks coming up.  I don’t think we’ll see very many high scoring matchups from here on out because of that.

Good luck to my fellow fantasy football players.  May the odds be ever in your favor!


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