2015 Fantasy Football Week 2

2015 Fantasy Football Week 2:  Deflated Balls vs Los Pollos Hermanos

Week 2’s matchup is between me (Deflated Balls) and my longtime friend, Sean.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Results
Fantasy Football Week 2 Results

Sean Started the following players:

  • Sam Bradford – Didn’t look good against Dallas.  He under performed with 2 interceptions.
  • DeAndre Hopkins – Targeted 11 times but only caught 5 of them.  Could be attributed to Ryan Mallet’s inaccuracy.  No touchdowns.
  • Brandon Coleman – Saints are struggling this year.  Drew Brees is having a rough start this year.  No touchdowns this week.
  • C.J. Anderson – Another no touchdown player for Sean.  Sean wanted to trade him for Julian Edelman and Darren Sproles earlier this week.  Is Sean crazy?
  • Dion Lewis – Surprise star player for Sean this week.  Makes me want to drop LeGarret Blount from my lineup.  Sean, I’ll trade you Sproles for Dion Lewis.  Let me know.
  • Greg Olsen – Consistent for a tight end.  If you don’t get Gronk, that’s all you can hope for at this position.
  • Tyler Lockett – Return yards keep him afloat.  No touchdowns.
  • Defense and Special Teams – Philly and Adam Jones put up decent numbers for Sean.

I started the following players:

  • Aaron Rodgers – Consistent.  That’s why I drafted him in the second round.
  • Julian Edelman – Glad he dropped off the radar for me.  Glad to see that injury didn’t slow him down.
  • Donte Moncrief – My week 1 waiver wire pickup.  Produced with T.Y. Hilton out.  I’m lucky with the way Indianapolis has been struggling.
  • Jamaal Charles – Met his projection this week.
  • Darren Sproles – Kind of disappointed in his amount of touches after week 1.  I may swap Randle back in for week 3.
  • Jason Witten – Under performed a little bit, but I’m not concerned.  Listed as questionable for week 3, but I’m not concerned.  With Romo out, I see Witten getting targeted a bit more.
  • Danny Woodhead – Seems like San Diego is experimenting a bit at running back.  I still think he’s the answer out of their running backs.  He’ll be in my lineup week 3.
  • Defense and Special Teams – Consistent this week.  I may switch things around like I usually do.

Overall Thoughts

Solid week for me.  Sean had a bit of a rough time, but we’ll face each other again later in the season.  My players made it through the week healthy, which is good after week 1.  My only regret is starting Sproles instead of Randle.  T.Y. Hilton did get some playing time, but took a back seat to Moncrief, so we’ll keep him on the bench for now.  Desean Jackson is still injured and I’ll keep him on my bench as long as I think he’ll come back at some point.

Game recap here.

Other thoughts around the league

Week 2 League Results

This weeks win puts me in 5th place.  Mandy lost a groaner similar to how I lost my week 1 matchup.  Andrew Luck didn’t produce as well as he should have.  I’m feeling confident going into week 3 against Roddys endJones (Chris).  I had the second highest scoring total this week behind TheTelepathicTurd.  Some small tweaks and I should do fine.

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