2015 Fantasy Football Week 2 Prep


So I have some holes in my wide receivers that I need to address.  T.Y. Hilton is day to day on his bruised knee.  DeSean Jackson is out 3-4 weeks.  Ty Montgomery is only doing kick returns thanks to the signing of James Jones.

Waiver Wire

Fantasy Football Week 2 Waivers

So, ideally, I’d like James Jones.  He had a really good game against the Bears.  I’m not sure I’ll get that deal.  I think other players in my league know how waivers work, and this first week is critical for evaluating performance.  With T.Y. Hilton injured, I’m thinking Donte Moncrief will get more looks form Andrew Luck.  I’m hoping to pick up Indianapolis who’s going against the Jets this week.  I’ll be flipping around kickers a bit until Blair Walsh can get out of whatever’s going on with him.

EDIT:  So the waivers processed this morning.  I was unable to get James Jones.  I did however get all my other waivers.  Good deal for me.

Roster Moves

Fantasy Football Week 2 Lineup

So this is how the Week 2 lineup is looking.  Julian Edelman proved capable week 1, and will definitely be in my lineup with the wide receiver issues I’m having.  As I stated earlier, I’m hoping to snag a decent WR to replace Ty Montgomery, so that may change depending on waivers.  Jamaal Charles should be consistent.  I replaced Joeseph Randle with Darren Sproles.  I’m hoping that as Dallas’ season continues, they’ll give Randle all the carries.  Witten is a beast, and I’m hoping for a good week 2 for him.  Danny Woodhead had a really good game, so I’ll put him in the flex and see what happens.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Opponent

This week I go against my longtime friend, Sean, team name Los Pollos Hermanos.  He’s been trying to put together trade deals, but his offers are always lopsided in his favor.  Currently, I’m projected to win 123.42 to 121.51, but it’ll be close.  Maybe if my waivers will go through, I’ll have a bit of a cushion.  No Monday night games so far in our lineups, so we should know who wins Sunday night.

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