2015 Fantasy Football Week 1

2015 Fantasy Football Week 1:  Deflated Balls vs DEEZ NUTS

Week1 Results
Iowas Finest Turdsandwiches Week 1

Week 1’s matchup is a rivalry matchup between me (Deflated Balls) and one of my best friends, Braden (DEEZ NUTS).

Braden started the following players:

  • Carson Palmer – 33.95 points out of projected 23.67
    Not too Bad.  I always thought Carson Palmer was one of those QB’s that just needed a decent team around him.
  • Dez Bryant – 5.3 out of projected 12.68
    No doubt Braden’s homer pick.  2nd quarter dehydration and now possibly a broken foot.  It’ll be interesting to see what Braden does with Dez.  I bet he just benches him and hopes he gets better later in the season.  Looking at his bench, looks like Alshon Jeffery would be his best bet.
  • AJ Green – 6.8 out of projected 11.18
    I’m not a follower of Cincinatti, but I know AJ Green is usually consistent.  He under performed against the Raiders which isn’t good.
  • Carlos Hyde – 33.0 out of projected 12.98
    This one hurt the most.  I was winning up until this game.  It was a double whammy for me as not only would Carlos Hyde take away my lead, the 49ers beat my Vikings, who played terrible.  Not sure if the Vikings were just soft against the run, but man this guy can cut and make people miss.
  • T.J. Yeldon – 9.2 out of projected 10.34
    Not a bad pick for Braden.  I say average for RBs in our league is about 10.  Top RBs can get 20 or 25.  Gutsy call to draft a rookie RB, but we’ll see how consistent he is throughout the season.
  • Jordan Cameron – 7.70 out of projected 6.34
    Not too shabby.  I don’t know much about Miami, but they do have Tannehill.  Obviously, the best TE is Gronk, everybody else is second tier.  7 points out of a tight end is good.
  • Benny Cunningham – 14.20 out of projected 17.12
    Not too bad.  Saint Louis had a tough Seahawks D.  I think the Rams will be a surprise team this year.
  • Defense and special teams
    Dallas Defense, Buffalo’s Dan Carpenter, Tampa Bay’s Lavonte David, and Detroit’s Stephen Tulloch.
    His kicker did pretty well with 11 points.  Dallas defense had Eli Manning to deal with, so 9 points was alright.

Now on to my team:

  • Aaron Rodgers – 30.55 out of projected 26.27
    Reliable and consistent.  One thing the Packers have going for them.  They know how to develop star quarterbacks.  Despite my hatred for the Packers, they’re solid choices for Fantasy Football.
  • TY Hilton – 9.5 out of projected 9.54
    Consistent WR.  Helps he has Andrew Luck throwing it to him.  Sounds like he’s got a bruised knee and will sit out a game or two.  To the bench he’ll go, and I’ll hope to have him back in the lineup soon.  He’ll probably be replaced week 2 by Julian Edelman who had 12.93 points this week.
  • Desean Jackson – 0 out of projected 8.73
    This injury hurt me this week.  Not looking good for the Redskins this year.  Sounds like he pulled his hamstring, so hopefully he gets back into the swing of things soon.  I’ll have to keep tabs on this.  0 points is unacceptable, but he might be replaced by Eric Decker for week 2 who had 8.26 points this week.
  • Jamal Charles – 18.4 out of projected 14.64
    Really looking forward to his performance this year.  A running back who can catch is a fantasy dream.  1 Rec TD, 57 rushing yards, and 46 receiving.  Well balanced.  I was lucky to get him with the 6th overall pick.
  • Joseph Randle – 10.6 out of projected 10.98
    Not bad.  I hope he stays this consistent.  Dallas’ running back by committee has me a bit worried.  I’m considering swapping him out for Danny Woodhead or LeGarrette Blount for week 2 depending on what the projections are.  I’ll definitely have Jason Witten in next week, so that’ll be good because I don’t like having too many players from the same team starting.  I see transaction trends dropping Darren McFadden, so we’ll see.
  • Jason Witten – 19.8 out of projected 7.37
    Jason Witten has been so consistent with Dallas.  I think it has to do with how Tony Romo goes through his progressions.  Many times Romo will check down to a RB or TE.  Very solid first week performance.  5th best tight end this week.  Not too bad.
  • Ty Montgomery – 10.6 out of projected 9.96
    I hate drafting rookies as they can be so unpredictable.  However, with Jordy Nelson out this year, and a reliable Aaron Rodgers, I felt comfortable with this draft pick.  However, I’m hoping to snag James Jones off waivers to help with my other WR injuries.  We’ll see where Ty ends up next week in my lineup.  All of his 10.6 points came from kick returns.  He may get bumped into my WR1 or WR2 spot and maybe Danny Woodhead or LeGarrette Blount end up in my flex.
  • Defense and Special Teams
    Cincinnati defense vs Oakland is a no brainer.  CJ Mosley was all over the field and snagged me 10.5 points this week.  He’ll have to step up with Suggs out.  Jamie Collins underperformed a bit, but that can happen with that spot in fantasy.  Blair Walsh has struggled in the preseason, and continues to show he is in some kind of funk.  I might switch out kickers for week 2.

Overall Thoughts

Man, Desean Jackson really hurt me with his injury and subsequent 0 points.  Both him and TY Hilton, I have some gaps in WR I need to figure out.

Ty Montgomery is only getting points on kick returns.  I’m going to have to do something about that for week 2.

Blair Walsh needs to get out of his funk.  I might drop him and snag another kicker in the near future.

Things were looking good going into Monday night.  With Dez Bryant having issues, I thought I was set.  Carlos Hyde really won the game for Braden.  Palmer performed well.  Everybody else was consistent with their projections.

Game recap is here.

To the waiver wire I go…

Other Thoughts Around the League

Not sure if everybody was trying to go H.A.M. on week 1, but there’s a bunch of us around the 140 points mark.  I think were in for a competitive season.  Average score is 125.5, so I’m glad I’m above that, but there’s a few teams below 100 points.  Amanda had the second highest point total this week, so good for her.

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