2015 Fantasy Football Draft

Ahhhhh….  My favorite time of year.  Football is upon us!

After a miserable year in Fantasy Football last year, I’m hoping this year goes a bit better.  I want to be a bit more focused.  This year, there’s a bit of money on the line, and a trophy.  I’m hoping doing a bit of blogging will help me organize my thoughts, as I really do think about Fantasy Football quite a bit, and hopefully this will help me become a better fantasy football player.

The 2015 Fantasy Football Draft


This year, I think both my wife and I have a good team.  I put together a draft strategy that we both used to help pick our players.

My Team is as follows:

Tyler's Team

QB1Aaron RodgersGreen Bay
WR1T.Y. HiltonIndianapolis
WR2DeSean JacksonWashington
RB1Jamaal CharlesKansas City
RB2Joseph RandleDallas
TE1Jason WittenDallas
W/RTy MontgomeryGreen Bay
BN1LeGarrette BlountNew England
BN2Julian EdelmanNew England
BN3Eric DeckerNew York Jets
BN4Teddy BridgewaterMinnesota
BN5Heath MillerPittsburgh
BN6Danny WoodheadSan Diego
BN7Jerick McKinnonMinnesota
BN8Darren SprolesPhiladelphia
KBlair WalshMinnesota
DC.J. MosleyBaltimore
DJamie CollinsNew England

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the team I drafted.  The only thing I would take back was drafting Joseph Randle as high as I did.  My thinking was that he’d be the top running back for Dallas, and anybody would run the ball well behind that O-line.  Turns out Dallas is doing a running back by committee which will split the amount of carries Randle will get.  Historically, Darren McFadden hasn’t done well in the NFL, injures easily, and he’s getting older, so there’s still hope.

I stacked my bench deep with running backs and wide recievers, hoping I won’t have to go deep, but they’re there when I need them.  My goal was to be balanced, and have proven consistent players, while also spreading out bye weeks so I’m not selling myself short on certain weeks mid-season.  Yahoo gave me a draft grade of A, which really means nothing, but I will agree with them.  You can read that report here.  They project me going 10-3 and finishing second in the league…  We shall see about that!

Mandy did very well drafting.  Her team is as follows:

Mandy's Team

QB1Andrew LuckIndianapolis
WR1Emmanuel SandersDenver
WR2Keenan AllenSan Diego
RB1Matt ForteChicago
RB2Mark IngramNew Orleans
TE1Dwayne AllenIndianapolis
W/RTorrey SmithSan Francisco
BN1Martavis BryantPitsburgh
BN2Tony RomoDallas
BN3Devonta FreemanAtlanta
BN4Julius ThomasJaxonville
BN5Kenny BrittSaint Louis
BN6Caleb SturgisMiami
BN7Denver DefenseDenver
BN8Robert GoldenPitsburgh
KDan BaileyDallas
DEFCarolina DefenseCarolina
DAndrew SendejoMinnesota
DDavid Bruton Jr.Denver

She had the worst draft position picking 12th.  After the top 5 or 6 RB’s got picked, she picked Andrew Luck, who along with Aaron Rodgers was in the top tier or QBs.  She also snagged Matt Forte who I personally think will have a good year as the Bears rebuild their offense.  Despite what my friends say, I give her no help besides the draft strategy worksheet I gave her, and she should be proud of her drafting skills.  Her draft grade was D, which is think is mainly due to her bench.  She opted to bench a kicker, defense, and defensive player, which is fine because she doesn’t really have time to work the waiver wire these days.  I might offer my help with her bench and defensive players, but I think she’ll do fine no matter what.


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Tyler was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa where he currently resides with his wife Amanda, a cat - Bam, and two sons - Elijah and Benjamin. He is employed as a network administrator with First Security State Bank and enjoys technology and computers. Amanda is a student in at the University of Northern Iowa and is studying to be a teacher. She is also active in the Iowa Army National Guard. She is a 92A, which is a supply specialist.

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