2015 Fantasy Football Week 4

2015 Fantasy Football Week 4:  Deflated Balls vs SUH-icide Squad This one stung a little bit.  Only 4 of my players met their projections.  Minor setback, but it bumps me back to 5th place.  Granted, I did have a few byes this week, but I’m not one for excuses.  Time to analyze and move on to week 5. “Thaddeus” started the… Read more →

Week 4 Waiver Requests

2015 Fantasy Football Week 4 Prep

Injuries Looks like my team is relatively healthy.  My injuries look good this week. DeSean Jackson – Questionable, but it sounds like he might be able to return this week. Eric Decker – Missed week 3, but reports are he’ll be back for week 4. Byes Edelman was in my active lineup, and Blount was about to be.  I may… Read more →

Week 3 Matchup

2015 Fantasy Football Week 3

2015 Fantasy Football Week 3:  Deflated Balls vs **Roddys endJones** Boom!  Down goes the first ranked team in the league.  Week 2’s matchup is between me (Deflated Balls) and my friend, Chris. Chris Started the following players: Matt Ryan – Solid performance against Dallas.  2 TD’s, 285 passing yards, 24 completions.  One of two homer picks for Chris being a Falcon’s fan. Julio Jones – Again,… Read more →